The Movement Team

Rachel grew up in Denver Colorado with her parents and two siblings. Rachel attended Colorado State University to study Communications and Spanish.  She has a passion for teaching people that the Bible is real and alive, and has a heart for impacting the next generation for Christ.  Believing that media is powerful, she loves filming and creating video that can reach the nations. Currently Rachel is a Women’s Director for Denver K-life. In her free time she enjoys skiing, Frisbee, backpacking, and good conversations with good friends.


Wesley was born in Abilene, Texas and is the middle of three boys. Wesley was raised in the church and continued his desire to follow Jesus while attending Baylor University. He fell in love with storytelling through his experiences growing up in theatre, reading literature and through his journalism degree at Baylor. He has a masters degree in English from Wake Forest University and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in theatre, focusing on contemporary American theatre. He hopes to continue to teach, write and direct in the future. He is also an avid tennis player and college football fan. He currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, and hopes to continue to see the church become what it was always meant to be.


Alex was born to loving, Christian parents. His father Jim is a pastor in a small town, and his mother Elodie teaches New Testament Greek at Denver Seminary. Alex also has an older brother Peter whom he loves very much. Alex and his brother attended a small, private Christian school, which contributed to pushing Alex away from the church and
towards a typical, pastor’s-kid rebellion that continued into college. In Alex’s sophomore year, a dark depression necessitated that he drop out for a semester. During that period his faith was radically restored. Due in large part to the mentoring of men like Chris, Austin and Wesley, he has been growing in his love for Jesus and his bride the church ever since. Today you can find Alex newly married to his beautiful wife Mackenzie and working at a local ski shop. His favorite activities include; cycling, snowboarding, Frisbee, and talking about the idea of someday learning how to juggle.


Alexandra was born in Boulder, Colorado.
She met Jesus at a young age (thanks to her radical parents) and has followed Him since.
Life hasn’t been absent of heartache, pain and the ups and downs of walking with the Lord. But the words of John to Jesus have remained true, “Where else can I go? You hold the words of life.”
Alexandra would says she’s gripped by the reality of His Kingdom come. Now. Here on Earth.
A retired CBS reporter turned documentary film-maker, hungry to show the world
that the Church is powerful force. The family of God is the hope of the world and people have to see it. When she’s not in another country filming in remote places, you’ll find her filming a wedding with
her best friend Rachel Swearingen…. Or likely in the mountains hidden in some cabin….Or with her dreamy sister and niece…. Or on a paddle board… Or eating Mexican food…. Or…you get the point.
She lives to taste and see that God is good. And because of that, surely the best is yet to come.